practice-based research

Contemplative Dance Practice in the Virtual Space

The Mountain Body

Open studio practice

Being in the space between

The Geopoetics Project

The Bridge Project

– Performance practice co-researcher; Being in the Space Between, a clay-performance practice, Theodora Chorafas ceramist/ co-researcher, ZOOM IN! EDN Atelier on Dance and Craft, Isadora Duncan Dance Research Center (Athens, 2019);

– Research / Coordinator / Participant; Open Studio practice: encounters without divisions with guest-artists, part of the exhibition ‘Performing Art, performing artistic actions, the Body as an expressive medium in the field of Visual Arts and Contemporary Art’, School of Fine Arts (Athens, 2019)

– Performer / participant; ‘Planetary Dance’ in Dances for Anna; a world-wide celebration for Anna Halprin’s 95 th year, Tamalpa UK Institute (London, 2015);

– Performance research co-facilitator; Xenites, embodied trans-lingua poetry laboratory, Marios Xatziprokopiou, Alexis Ioannou co-facilitators (Athens, 2014);

– Performance research participant; The soma experiences project in psychophysical performance practice, Robin Riegels (Exeter, 2014);

– Body-landscape performance research facilitator; Geopoetics; the body is the ground upon which we walk, residential project (Nisyros, Greece, 2013);

– The Field Score, solo body-landscape performance score (Bohemia, Czech Republic, 2012);

– See moves, individual body-landscape performance practice (Golden Cap, UK, 2012);

– Body-landscape performance research facilitator; The Bridge Project residential project (Aigina, Greece, 2012);

– Transational performance research project; Entropy. Redress lead artist Rhoda Soikowski (Seattle, WA, 2011);

– An architecture / performance / art interdisciplinary residency; AAO ethics/ aesthetics architecture strategies National Technical University of Athens in collaboration with Parsons New York School for Design (Athens, 2011).