Wisconsin Death Trip

Something makes us believe that there is always somewhere else better to go.
My mind wants to assign blame.
Where are you coming from?
The Dusty American Nightmare
10 Questions and a Red Object
A crayon, a scurf, a notebook with red hearts on it and the grandfather’s hat.
Owl’s feathers
Always there but never really be noticed.
The Mary Sweeney Poems
Hopelessness and suffering
“Get behind the mule…”
Goat Recipes
Ritual. Repetition. Setting. Precision.
An Anker.
A pilgrim, a storyteller, a doer.
A lost self





Devised and performed by Susan Pfeffer and Anna Tzakou
Inspired by Michael Lesy’ s  book “Wisconsin Death Trip”
based on the Tectonic devised moment work
supervised by Leigh Fondakowski
Photo credits Kate Sanderson Holly

studio 9195, Boulder, CO
April 2009