The Volax Project: Looking for Solid Ground

The Volax Project is a body-landscape performance practice laboratory. The project investigates the relationship between body and environment both individually (physically, emotionally and spiritually) and collectively (socially, economically and culturally). 

Taking into account the profound changes occurring in the individual and social life during a (post-) pandemic period, three performers, two visual artists and one filmmaker choose to work in the Cycladic Island as a practice of returning to a fundamental state of being-ness. The Tinian landscape is being explored as a state of mind, an understanding of the world, a community expression, an affect of the profound and the sacred, the essential and the necessary. 

site specific performance and art practices, Cycladic land, body-landscape interrelationship, geogological site, performance-based methodologies of indigenous knowing. 

concept, research, performance training: Anna Tzakou
performers: Anna Apergi, Despoina Chatzipavlidou Anna Tzakou
community research / visual artists: Rosana Sánchez & Aris Spentsas / rosanayaris
filmmaking / video documentation: Christina Phoebe
production Management: Giorgos Katsonis.
production: Cultural Platform ArtForm

Volakas, Tinos (Greece)
17-21 October, 2021 

Funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
Anna Tzakou/ Geopoetics © October 2021

project’s website (under construction):


H διέγερση του υπερβατικού – “Σχέδιο Βωλάξ, προς αναζήτηση εδάφους”, Makis Andronopoulos, SLpress, 28.10.2021

«Τρεις καλλιτέχνιδες του θεάτρου και του χορού, δύο εικαστικοί και μια κινηματογραφίστρια “αφουγκράζονται” την Τήνο», Kostas Maniatis, news24, 18.10.2021