Performance Stonelines is a hiking event that questions the necessity to stand in and across the landscape of Apano Meria in Syros. Descending from a hill to a cost line in the northern part of the island, we perform and are being performed by the grandeur of the place itself: to walk in the landscape, to be and to become with and in it and in this present moment. Stonelines performance embodies a course on the Syrian site as an offering, a confession and an exorcism, a prayerful call for grace and assistance. Performers and participants co-create a way of ‘being together’ and re-define the narrative of the specific site.

Starting point: Trail of Lia, Apano Meria
Maximum number of participants: 25 people.


Research, Concept-Directing: Anna Tzakou
Performers: Despina Chatzipavlidou, Anna Tzakou
Photo credits: Yannis Baritakis, Yiannis Lois.



Exhibition ‘Apano Meria Syros; genius loci- the spirit of place’
Event: ‘Looking for the geological treasure of Syros’
CCE Apano Meria Syrou

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