Open studio practice

open studio practice: encounters without division

the core of live art is the encounter

Open studio practice is a personal and group awarenesstrainingof body/mind/space through meditation and action. Dancers, Musicians, Artists, Performers, Actors and Poets have been invited to follow an open structure and meet the moment without any preconceptions.

Practice begins by meeting with oneself, the other, the space.

It’s not about performance.

There is no outside eye. If you are a visitor please attend t following participant’s score.

There are stories, no plot.No talk about anything or anyone.

Open studio practice is a framework of experience where the action and the creation become a collective responsibility. We create time and space to explore new territory and also what already is known. We take time for caretaking and giving. We participate in the social and political dynamics of the ensemble of us in the present moment.

Everything is appropriate except harming yourself or others.


Participation Score

“The eye of intuition is strong; the eye of vision is weak.”

In the corner of the room leave your personal belongings

Enter the open space

Maintain a condition of silence you are free to lie down, sit, stand or walk.

Listen to the sounds coming from your body, your mind, the others, the space.

Change position in the space at any time and in relation to how you feel.

Find silence and stillness.

Exit as you choose.


concept,facilitation, performance: Anna Tzakou

guest-artists:Maria-Olga Athinaiou, Ada Anastasea, Antonis Antoniou, Angela Delichatsios, Domna Zafeiropoulou, Vali Ioannou, Dimitra Loupi, Emmanouela Korki, Antonis Kortes, Kyrkcollect, Maria Konstanti, Katerina Maniou, Dimitris Babilis, Christina Banalopoulou, Iris Nikolaou, Vasiliki Nomidou, Georgia Paizi, Zoe Papadopoulou, Neli Poulopoulou, Tonia Ralli, Christos Rozakis, Sofia Simaki, Erato Tzavara, Marios Chatziprokopiou.


part of the exhibition “Performing Art, performing artistic actions, the Body as an expressive medium in the field of Visual Arts and Contemporary Art”
Nikos Kessanlis room, School of Fine Arts
Athens, 4-8 March 2019, 12 p.m.- 3p.m