‘LYSIS performance [is] a site-specific tour among the ruins of the ancient dream healing shrine and its surroundings. In the form of offerings (“typia”, i.e. eye, ear, larynx,vocal cords etc), over-sized human parts of the suffering body that anticipates healing will substantiate six scenes/stations within the Archaeological Site [of Amphiareion of Oropos (Temple, Roman Theatre, Stoa, Sacred Fountain, Baths, Clepsydra). The performance is the projection of an oneiric narration. Three eerie personae, projections of the subject’s multiple self, proceed in an associative flow of actions andperformances, moving from the inner dreamscape to the outer surroundings of the Amphiareion. Shadows of the healing dream: a. An inorganic orange entity, Anna Tzakou (performer, director and Performing Arts scholar), b. A small-headed giant, Dimitris Tsiamis (actor and director), c. a white female pillar, Mary Zygouri.’ [extract from the performance ‘s press release


Research/Idea/Director: Mary Zygouri
Performers: Anna Tzakou, Mary Zygouri, Dimitris Tsiamis
Scientific collaborator: Nena Samioti
Video: Panagiotis Isaris
Photography: Zaphiro Vlachou
Costume Designer Assistant: Emily Koukoutsaki
Communication: Chryssa Matsagani
Organised by: Polus Collective

Sunday, 18 September
At 11:00 p.m.
Duration: 60 minutes
The Amphiareion of Oropos
With the support of NEON Organisation of Culture and Development
Under the auspices of Museo Castromediano, Lecce, Italy
Under the auspices of Italian Institute of Culture, Athens, Greece


Lysis, Mari Zygour, Neo Grants

Μαίρη Ζυγούρη, τι λύση αναζητάς στο Αμφιάρειο;, Ioanna Gomouza, Athens Voice, 30.05.2022