The Geopoetics Project

Geopoetics is a body-landscape performance practice structured as a samatha vipashyana (mindfulness awareness) practice. It develops an experiential listening of site (mindfulness) upon which an awareness of knowing and understanding installed in space (awareness) is cultivated [for more see geopoetics (PhD)].

Geopoetics was being developed gradually in three projects: The Bridge Project, The Geopoetics Project and Topophilia.

The second project is a three-week residential project on the island of Nisyros. It is considered the heart of the inquiry.  It takes place entirely in an outdoor rural environment. It investigates individual and group practices of the psycho-physical exploration of the site and creates the passage from the somatic investigation of the landscape to the devising process in situ [for more on the project see geopoetics (PhD)].

research, training facilitating: Anna Tzakou
performers: Anna Tzakou, Marios Chatziprokopiou, Antrianna Alexiou, Angel Delichatsios, Alexis Ioannou, George Papamichalakis, Christos Rozakis
architecture on site informant: Elli Vassalou
photo credits: Ellis Vassalou
video: Elli Vassalou
editing: Artemis Anastasiadou
May-June 2013

Topophilia (2013)

The Topophilia performance links back to the initial objective of the geopoetics research: to re-examine Greek culture through a site-specific performance practice. It focuses on a meditative performance structure to elaborate site as a ‘call of care’ and reconsider narratives, individual and collective, that still matter in situ [for more on the project see geopoetics (PhD)].

research, training, facilitating: Anna Tzakou
devisers, performers: Marios Chatziprokopiou, Anna Tzakou
film-making: Artemis Anastasiadou, Elli Vassalou
editing: Artemis Anastasiadou
graphic design: Marianna Bacoula

The Geopoetics Project © Athens, December 2013

[For the second version of the project see performance Topophilia].